Practice makes Perfect…or close to it.

Recently I’ve been trying new painting techniques. I like experimenting. The results have varied. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap to experiment. Canvases cost money, and unfortunately, you can’t practice techniques on anything other than what your final product will be on. I’ve tried and failed.

After failing a few times, I finally figured out a workaround. It’s not free, though. I decided to buy small canvases and gesso boards to do my experimenting. So far, so good. I think this might work.



Part-Time Artist

I have a job. It’s not a 40-hour a week, every week job, though. I’m a freelancer. What that means is I work when there’s work to be done. Like everyone else, I don’t get paid unless I work. The tough part is that work is not guaranteed. That leaves time for painting…and yard work. I hate yard work.

I try to find the time to paint whenever I have the opportunity. However, just because you have time, doesn’t mean you have ideas. I find that’s my biggest problem. I can have all the time in the world, yet ideas won’t come to me. What happens then? Well, I paint a solid color on a canvas. Usually, it’s a shade of blue. Then I wait. And wait. Sometimes I add a texture. Other times, I just stare at the canvas and wait some more.


I don’t know how full-time artists do it. Maybe it’s because it’s their only source of income…their life…their passion. It has to be. I have no other explanation…except that they usually sell their art for a WHOLE lot more than I could ever imagine selling one of my paintings for.

Do I wish I could paint full-time? Of course I do. I just lack the confidence. No matter how many times someone tells me they love my work, I’m still afraid…just plain scared. Maybe if someone is willing to pay big money for one of my pieces, I’ll gain that confidence to do it full-time. For now…I’ll just wait.

Art Swap

Here’s a FB link to an art swap going on this Saturday (6/23).

Art Swap – trade your art for art

I think this is a great opportunity for art lovers to see what’s going on in the Austin area. I’m hoping to get out there at some point during the day, though I’m not sure what piece/pieces to take out there.

Self-Taught Artists

I’m a self-taught artist/painter, and I’ve found it rather difficult to put myself out there in regards to selling my work. I’ve given most to friends as Christmas or birthday gifts. Everyone who sees my work says they love it and encourage me to sell it, but they are my friends…so I don’t know how to take their encouragement. Are they being honest, or just being friends? Well, I found this article, and it gives me encouragement.

Art Marketing for Self-Taught Artists

My First Art Blog

I began painting as a hobby 10-15 years ago on the encouragement of my cousin.  I don’t really know WHY she encouraged me, though. Maybe I showed her a canvas I had spray painted on after seeing a street artist on 6th Street, or perhaps she saw an old drawing of mine as a First Grader. Nevertheless, here I am, painting whenever I’m in the mood. Most of my paintings are acrylic on canvas, though sometimes the “canvas” can be anything I have lying around.